To add slides to the homepage, simply go to the Slides tab on the left-hand side of the WordPress backend under Comments.

[image id=”1478″ size=”full” align=”center” link=”false” /]

Add a new slide like you normally would for a page or post. You are now presented with a few options to configure the look of the slide.

[image id=”1758″ size=”full” align=”center” link=”false” /]

The slide is split into three parts: the heading, the content and the image. The headings box and content box are separate just in case you would like to customize the animation of the slideshow and require the heading and content to be animated at different times.

The headings box and content box allow shortcodes as well as custom styling to elements using HTML and inline CSS.

Set an image as the Featured Image to make it display on the slideshow. The recommended size is 1600×900 pixels for desktop displays. Don’t worry about these large images being displayed on mobile devices, they are automatically downsized to save on bandwidth and loading times.

You can also set a link for the slide (only available for the Cycle #1 slideshow type).