Portfolio page

Add a new page in the WordPress backend and name it something like Portfolio. Next, change the page template to Portfolio and click Publish. After publishing, you should see a Portfolio Settings box appear underneath the main content box. Your page layout should look something like this:

[image id=”1526″ size=”full” align=”center” link=”false”/]

In the Portfolio Settings box, you can override the default portfolio options set in the Theme Options. This may be necessary if you want to display a single category of portfolios on separate pages, and would like each one to look different.

The Filterable and Animated Filterable portfolio settings display a list of portfolio tags that you have assigned to each portfolio. Clicking on one of these tags will show all the portfolios under that tag.

Portfolio Post

Creating a new portfolio post is the same as creating a new page or a new post. There are some additional fields that you can fill out depending on what you have set in the Theme Options. These fields add some more information to your portfolio, such as the date you had created the work, who you created it for, and an external link to the work. Be sure to set the Featured Image for the portfolio post to have the image show up on the portfolio page as well as at the top of the portfolio post. Here is a screenshot of what the portfolio post screen looks like:

[image id=”1756″ size=”full” align=”center” link=”false”/]