The image shortcode allows for responsive images to be displayed in your content. Simply use the shortcode with the id of the image you want (found above the ’title’ when uploading an image or viewing the image library) and the size you want, and the shortcode will display an optimized image for both desktops and mobiles.



[image id=”851″ size=”medium” link=”true”]



[list style=”circle”]

  • id: found in media library
  • size: thumbnail, medium, large, full
  • link: true (links to image file), false, custom (http://…)
  • align: left, right, center (optional)



[image id=”851″ size=”thumbnail”]

[image id=”851″ size=”thumbnail” link=””]

[image id=”851″ size=”medium”]

[image id=”851″ size=”large”]

[image id=”851″ size=”full”]